Join us for
World Missions Weekend
October 27 & 28, 2018

Dinner,  October 27 @ 6:00 PM
Worship and Faith Promise, October 28 @ 10:30 AM

Meet our Guests:  Andrew & Judy Bennett

Andrew Bennett, MD, and Judy Bennett are commissioned missionaries in the Church of the Nazarene who have served since 2002. They recently completed 14 years of service at the Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea. They now serve as Medical Mission Coordinators.

Judy grew up in Alberta, Canada and Andy grew up in the Northwest United States. They have three children, Drew (Andrea & son Andy), Amy and Sam (Cheyenne).

The Bennetts became missionaries in mid-life. After med school Andy practiced Family Medicine in Montana and Washington for several years.

The Bennetts’ current focus is helping to mobilize medical personnel, advising established mission leadership about medical ministry and assisting in identifying potential medical missionaries. They understand medical missions as an integral part of showing compassion to a lost and broken world.